The Gaya Muslim Orphanage


{In the name of Allah the most Beneficent & Merciful}

"Who ever giveth the orphans Lendth God."
"ULool-azman-e-danishmand Jab karne pe aatey hain
Samundar pat'te hain ,koh,se darya bahate hain"

(The decision of the Brave!Moves the mountains. Dries the seas).

In every period, the well wishers of the society, particularly those amongst the Muslim have emerged in order to make efforts to dispel the darkness of illiteracy, To make education compulsory amongst each and every male and female, to make the new generation understand religion and to catch hold on to it and in fact, to feel the compelling necessity to establish religious institute and Madarsas in which Modern Education be also imparted along with religious education. Those having love for their Religion and community have gone to establish small and big institutions in their States, Districts, Towns, Villages and Mohallahs where modern as well as religious education be imparted despite facing stiff opposition from people and undergoing innumerable difficulties, and sacrifices. Which has a history in itself.It is because of this basic religious and Islamic education that the Muslims in the country and abroad are devoted to their religious belief and their mosques having considerable worshippers. Only Allah the Almighty Knows wherever such citadels of religious learning have been established by the believers of Islam.

The Renowned poet Allama Iqbal says

"Ishq Ne Aabad kar daley hain dashto kohesar"

(Love has Inhabited the forests and mountains).

Therefore,It was because of these feelings that Enayeth Khan, laid the foundation of "The Gaya Muslim Orphanage" in an utterly backward rural area to spread the flames of Literacy. In This period of darkness his bold step proved to be just like "Biyaban ki shabe Tarik Mein Quandeel-e-Rehmani" (A candle light in a Forest Totally enveloped with Darkness at Night).


  1. To make an obedient in the eyes of Almighty Allah.
  2. To create a pious, and good environment and also to make efforts in order to install a sense of good faith and a firm, belief in the students for the religion.
  3. To make complete arrangement for the education and proper training of the orphans.
  4. To energies and develop in the students the Religious, Physical and mental potential also to make them good characters.
  5. To impart both religious and modern education to the students also to impart Vocational/ Technical education (Based On ITI Syllabus) so that the students do not Lag behind their Compatriots in achieving magnificent and gainful employment.


It was the crusader and social reformer in the person of Enayeth Khan -- the native of a Small village kolowna in the district of Gaya, Bihar who established "The Gaya Muslim Orphanage " With the sole and firm hope in Allah, The Almighty amidst stern opposition And difficulties At that time where resources were limited or negligible and problems numerous. Thus seeking divine graces benevolence and magnificence Enayeth khan ultimately laid the foundation of "The Gaya Muslim Orphanage" In October 1917 with the assistance of a teacher (Late) Janab Syed Mohd. Nazir Hussain and two orphan boys named (i) Mohd. Kausar of kolowna (Cherki, Gaya and (ii) Syed Mohd. Ismail of Jharha, Charki, Gaya in a cottage hired at a monthly rent of Eight annas (50 paise) and with only A meagre sum of Rupees thirty(30/-) In hand and lit a small light for spreading literacy. In fact, the seed sown for a big tree. This plant (The Gaya Muslim Orphanage) which has grown Into a big tree today has a long history of struggle for its survival. This history can be read from two books (i) "Yateemkhana ki kehani Bani -e-yateenkhana ki zabani" and (ii) Ek Budhai Ki Sarguzasht. According to its short history, for a Complete thirty- four(34)Years from 1917 to 1951,The Institution withstood the struggle for its existence a long Battle indeed. It was Only in the year 1952 that the institution got a fresh and new lease Of life. In the words of a renowned poet.

"Bawaquar rahne ko, Barqarar rehne ko
Jung bhi Zaroori hai, sulah bhi munasib hai"

(To exist with dignity and in stability battle is compulsory, so is compromise too)

At that time, to completely wipe out the very existence of this educational institution, The rich, the Zamindars (landlords) and the other brethren of the area joined hands in stoutly opposing its establishment and left no stone unturned in this respect. In the year 1933, a time also came when the orphanage had to be locked and closed down. At last The founder Enayeth khan had to ultimately after losing tolerance, to shift the Orphanage from cherki to Village Bhadeya (in Gaya District) or Gaya town Itself. Not only this, In continued opposition to the orphanage a Muslim Zamindar (Landlord) also took a decision to build a temple alongside the mosque of the orphanage. Some of the landlords felt and said that if the Orphanage's founder Enayeth Khan is bent upon everyone with education and get them wear pyjama then who will work in the fields and do their household works. According to them "You (Enayeth Khan) are young and want to establish the Institution In ethusiasm. You will not be able to do it . No light of education will spread. The people will laugh on the Muslim community". But Enayeth khan remained unmoved and put at stake his whole being property, prestige and mind for the sake of the Orphanage. According to a famous poet.

"Unhe ye zid hai key chhai rahe chaman pe Khazan
Aur Mujhe ye zid key Baharen hi la ke chhoroonga."

(They are adamant that the garden be always in autumn,
and I am adamant that the Garden be in full Bloom.)

Since 1938, Enayeth Khan was very much desirous to spread education amongst the girls Too. The letter written by him in the respect in the year 1938 became the source of Inspiration for the establishment of "Gaya Muslim Girls' Orphanage" in his native Village Kolowna.
It is owing to the large- Heartedness, will power and intense struggle of the founder and the magnificence of Almighty Allah that "The Gaya Muslim Orphanage" has proved its existence after 96 years while, the U.S.S.R. (Communist Republic based On Atheism) which was also established in 1917 has withered away just after 70 years of its establishment. At present, this institution is housed in a complex spread into two (2) Acres of land. A large, big and beautiful two storeyed building, an eye-catching Hexagonal building, housing Maulana Mohd. Ali Jauhar Academy (Library,) with Allama Syed Sulaiman Nadvi Reading Room, A wonderful, magnificent Mosque and two lush green, colourful sprawling gardens are located with in the Orphanage's campus. To say, A beautiful example of an "Oasis in the desert".
The dream which the founder of "The Gaya Muslim Orphanage " had seen Ninety Six (96) Years ago to establish an institution to spread the light of literacy in the backward village of Cherki in the equally backward yet historical district Of Gaya, later On also proved to be a source of inspiration for the establishment of "The Gaya Muslim Girls ' Orphanage", Pathshalas, Madarsas, Deeni Makatibs and Schools for both the Hindus and the Muslims of the area far and wide. Today the land of "Cherki" is emitting The radiant rays of education through which the entire area is benefiting from this glow In abundance and it is from this small place"Cherki" That a number of institution are functioning simultaneously for the welfare of the community. Thus a single light house of knowledge has made way for numerous store houses of knowledge. The institution has now become a prime and acknowledged centre of both modern and religious education For area spread in every nook and corner in the state of Bihar undoubtedly.


The founder sent an orphan boy Mohd. Mursaleen belonging to his native village Kolowna for admission in a Madarsa at a distant place where it was said that food was Also provided Free. But it was not to be there. After getting desperate and helpless. Enayeth Khan took the boy with him to Calcutta where after facing the difficulties for Two months, he succeeded in getting the boy admitted into "The Calcutta Muslim Orphanage". After facing these problems he at last decided himself to establish such an Orphanage in his own district after getting himself an employment.

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