Allah says, “The likeness of those who spend their wealth in Allah's way is as the Likeness of a grain which grows seven ears. Every ear containing a hundred grains Allah Giveth increased many fold to whom he will. Allah is all embracing all Knowing (Al-Baquarah:261).

Charity money is like the seed which produces seven hundred grains and as such The sawab is seven hundred times more than the amount spent in the name of Allah.


  • "Every child is born on the nature of Islam. His parents make him a Jewish, a Christian or a Parsi (fire worshipper).
  • The greatest gift of the parent to their child is giving the best education and Training .
  • The parent's Teaching of good word to their child is like giving three and a half K.g. (3.5K.g) of grain in charity.
  • Verily charity appeases the wrath of Allah and eases the sufferings of death, (TIRMIDHI).
  • "Put your hand over the head of the Orphans and give food to the poor".
  • Love the Orphans and The Prophet will deeply love you. As the holy prophet of Islam Hazrat Mohammed (Saw) was himself an Orphan.
  • There is a Hadith that sons are the Allah's Gift for you. Pay thanks to Allah for Them and it has been said about the daughters that these are your good deeds (Nekiyan). It means it is compulsory to pay thank for Allah's Gift if you behave Carelessly with these Allah's Gifts, You will be punished. It means you will get so Much Sawabs, So many daughters you have.
  • According to other Hadees. "Service of the creature is service to the Creator.
  • It is better to donate one(1) Dirham in one’s Life than other person donate on Hundred.(1) Dirhams after his death.
  • When a person dies then all his Deeds come to the end But three types of deed Remain.
  1. Sadqua-e-Jaria i.e, the shape of donation and charity from which the people Could get the benefit for a long time.
  2. Such education by which people could get benefit continuously.
  3. Such pious sons who could bless continuously.
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