The City of Gaya is an ancient city internationally known and famous for MAHABODHI TEMPLE. The Gaya Muslim Orphanage is situated at Cherki which is at a distance of eleven mile {18 K.M.} from Gaya town on the Gaya- Sherghati Road. The climate is hot and dry in summer and cool and dry in winter. The Orphanage is situated in an open and spacious place on the main road in the Eastern Side and is easily visible owing its imposing, magnificent, domed Mosque. Cherki is a famous and popular place of eastern India, where in a small place, Cherki, various major institutions are being run for the betterment of the Muslim Community. The place, Cherki is famous all over the world due to the Gaya Muslim Orphanage. Here all the things of requirement are easily available. This institution is the evergreen garden of the combination of religious and modern education and without any false praise each and every corner of Bihar is lighted and luminous. Cherki is accessible by buses and auto-rickshaws (Tempo), where any time’The link of ingress and egress (traffic) remains continuously.

The Founder of Orphanage :  Dreams and Plans

The founder of the Gaya Muslim Orphanage had seen the dreams and had a thought before 100 years about the following ambition. For which he used to live anxious and restless.

  1. To establish a boys’ orphanage.
  2. To establish a girls’ orphanage.
  3. To impart industrial education alongwith education to make the students skillful e. g. to impart the training of carpenter and blacksmith.
  4. It was an intention to construct a glorious building on the land of 5 Bigha in 1937, in which two hundred orphan students could live and the external students also could live paying their expenditure to change the middle school of the orphanage into A High School As soon as possible then the school should change into the college and after that the college should be changed into a university.

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