"The Gaya Muslim Orphanage" Is only one of its own kind in the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bangal and Orissa. Being Confluence of both religious and modern Education, the Institution has achieved fame far and wide. The education and training Being provided to the students have been widely acknowledged by the Ulemas, Intellectuals and Elite to the society the master plan and the future plan of the Institution. It is ambitious and big but is not being able to be fulfilled due to The Financial Constrains. The plan includes the buildings construction for hospital, a separate buildings for the holy Qur'an Memorization, Construction of a Dining hall, Staff Quarters, Guest House etc. It is a well known fact That the Muslim Ummah Is in dire need of several such institutions which cannot be Described in words. The charity and donations made by you will be spent (Its Every Paise) On the collective Development of the children of Muslim Ummah Which will Certainly be rewarded in the hereafter. Our Source of Income is Quite less in view of the Spiralling prices of the essential commodities of daily usage.(The institution) humble Appeals to all the philanthropists, benefactors and well -wishers to sent the increased Amount in donation / Chartity by way of Zakaat ,Fitra, Atiya, Sadqah etc. So that the Institution may meet the Increasing costs and the requirements of the Orphan boys.

The Institution Appeals for whole Hearted financial contribution
From Every Member of the Muslim Ummah.

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