Note Only a few names from the “Visitors book” are being given due to the lack of space.
The Thinker of Islam, Maulana Syed Abul Hasan Ali Hasni Nadvi
(Ali Mian's Arrival)
Many respected dignitaries such as Maulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi (Ali Miyan), Dr.Zakir Hussain Sb. and Dr. A.R.Kidwai Sb. etc. have come to the Orphanage. Alhamdulillah! Today We got the dignity to visit the only one Orphanage of Cherki (Gaya) in the association of Hazrat Maulana Syed Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi Sb. This visit Took Place During The visit of Ghori Ghat, the Native Land of Ameer-e-Shariat Bihar and Orissa, Hazrat Maulana Nizamuddin Sb. In the Journey, the Hadees teacher of Nadwatul Ulema, Maulana Khalid Ghazipuri, Nadvi And many other scholars were present. The Gaya Muslim Orphanage According to Its Location, Building, Cleanliness, Administration and educational activities Seemed a unique and Extra Ordinary. The ambition and Thinking of its Responsible Persons are active day and night to decorate it more beneficial.
(Extract : Visitors Book Impressions and Observations) Late Dr. Zakir Hussain Khan Sb.
The Former Governor Of Bihar and Former President Of India
He told in the conference of the Orphanage that "These Children are The Children of our community" It is our duty to feed them what we Eat and make them wear what we wear. We Should not make Them feel That they Are Orphan. He advised That we Should Walk on the theory of Help yourself .
(Extract : Visitors Book Impressions and Observations) Syed Ahmad Urooj Quadri Saheb
Editor “Zindagi” Monthly Rampur, U.P.
Whatever I came to know through the introduction booklet and some responsible Persons, I feel a great respect for "Enayeth Khan" the founder of the Gaya Muslim Orphanage. May Allah pardon him’ Aameen!
(Extract : Visitors Book Impressions and Observations) Maulana Syed Nizamuddin Sb.
The Former Nazim-e- Amarat Shariah and Secretary Muslim Personal Law Board
Here there is a facility of Matric with the Qur'an Memorization and the Islamic Education. This is a residential Educational Institute. There is Special Residence for the orphan Students. Besides this there is a separate Hostel also for other students. The Buildings of The Orphanage are also neat And Clean, wide and attractive. There is a wide and Glorious Mosque In the campus of the Orphanage. The environment of this Orphanage is religious and educational.
(Extract : Visitors Book Impressions and Observations) Dr. M. Haider Khan Sb. Hyderabad
Convenor All India IDB (Mecca) Hyderabad (A.P.)
It is the matter of very happiness for us to Visit the Orphanage. It Was established in 1917, and it is progressing Very Satisfactorily. Let us pray for its fast progress and for the success in the field of Education. Let us pray also for the Progress Of Social and different technologies. I pray to Allah for its success and All Round Development.
(Extract : Visitors Book Impressions and Observations) Late Dr. Akhlaque-ur-Rahman Qidwai Sb.
The Former Governor Of Bihar
I am very happy to visit this institution twice. I want to congratulate the Managing Committee, Workers and the Students of the Orphanage for its Progress. I Want to Congratulate them also for the establishment of G.M.O. Technical Training Institute. I am eager for its All Round Development.
(Extract : Visitors Book Impressions and Observations) MAULANA MD.KHALID NADVI GHAZIPURI, THE TEACHER OF HADEES,
The place Cherki is near in spite of a Long Distance from the town, due to the blessings of this Orphanage this Difficult Situation The hard Labour of the Managing Committee is Praiseworthy and the needy of the co-Operative person’s Attention. This is a good work and the Work Of every time. Wherever, it occures a communal riot, Many children become Orphan. The person of Christian machineries reach there and Damage their Religion and thinking behind the damage their religion and thinking behind the Show of their maintenance and bringing up therefore, it is the requirement of the Time to establish such types of institutions which may be a unique institution for Other places and the Centre of Work.
(Extract : Visitors Book Impressions and Observations) Maulana Syed Asrar-Ul- Haque Saheb, Kishanganj (Bihar)
Member of Parliament
I Know that this Institution is very old but this institution could not progress so much as it should Have progressed because of its oldness. This is the symbol of negligency of the People of its area and Locality the people Should Co-Operate such types of institutions in this tough time and make the Arrangement for the strength and life of the community. It is our personal Responsibility. The Government and others are not responsible for the Safety Of Our religion. I appeal strongly to our community to make the Gaya Muslim Orphanage on the level Of college and able to establish dars-e-Nazamiyah and to co-Operate it more than more. Allah doesn’t change the Situation of those who do not change themselves.
(Extract : Visitors Book Impressions and Observations) Professor Abdul Moghni Saheb,
Former Vice Chancellor Mithila University
The Gaya Muslim Orphanage is not only for the undivided district of Gaya but it is a Unique Institution for bringing up of the Orphans for other nearly districts around Gaya. The Society has been getting precious pearls like orphan since many years through this Orphanage. Its Workes are very honest, active and Intellectual.
(Extract : Visitors Book Impressions and Observations) Maulana Abdus Sami Jafri Saheb,
The Former Ameer Amarat Ahle Hadees, Sadiqpur Patna
It has been said in Arabic Language, Al-Waladu Sarabula Abiya" i.e. The Child is the reflection of his father. As Such it may be said that the students are the reflection of their teachers.It is my blessing that may Allah keep this religious garden evergreen and flourishing.
(Extract : Visitors Book Impressions and Observations) Syed Hamid Saheb,
Former Chancellor of Hamdard University, Delhi
The founder and the runner of this institution are able for congratulations. because they felt What are their Responsibilities. They tried to fulfill their responsibilities. The World is always in motion. And those person who do not go ahead, go back automatically.
(Extract : Visitors Book Impressions and Observations) Maulana Syed Md. Rabey Hasni Nadvi Saheb,
The President of All India Muslim Personal Law Board
And The Nazim Of Nadvatul-Ulema Lucknow
I got an Opportunity to attend in the conference of the Gaya Muslim Orphanage. I was Very happy to know the arrangement of the students and the System of the education. before this I had got the chance to see the Jamia-tul-Banat which is Being run by the administrator of this very institution. The both institution are Performing a great service. May Allah grant it more Progress and Provide a good Compensation to its founder.
(Extract : Visitors Book Impressions and Observations) Md.Farooque Khan Sb. Delhi,
The Translater of Hindi Qur'an Sharif
I got an Opportunity to see The Gaya Muslim Orphanage with detail. I Stayed also for Some days. This orphanage is located in an open space far from the town Rush. The environment of the orphanage seemed very peaceful and decorative the mosque for the Namaz (Prayer) is very decorative and clean. This mosque has made its environment very sacred. Here the facility of mental development along with education and training is also available. The responsible persons of this Institution are not unaware for their health, first Aid Centre is located here.
(Extract : Visitors Book Impressions and Observations) Maulana Mojeebullah Nadvi Saheb,
Shaikh-ul-Jamia, Jamia-tur-Rashad, Azmagarh (U.P.)
Having seen this institution, it was felt that the managing Members Of the orphanage have a deep eye view on the present situation of India. They have a thought to make the Muslim Generation educated reaching here. I felt very happiness for this matter that the persons of every category are engaged to run this institution. The doctors, Engineers, Educationists and Scholars are working together for this institution. The enthusiasm of all was seen.
(Extract : Visitors Book Impressions and Observations) Late Ibrahim Sulaiman Seth Saheb
Former President Indian Union Muslim League And M.P.
I am very happy for this that the Gaya Muslim Orphanage which had been established 75 years ago by a Saint type person Enayeth Khan, is going ahead passing the destinations of the progress. May Allah give the good Compensation to the founder of the Gaya Muslim Orphanage. Today this Orphanage has two beautiful double storeyed buildings and a glorious mosque. There are intentions to establish technical institutions. The Managing members have precious intentions for the progress of this institution and for the service of the new generation of the Muslim Community.
(Extract : Visitors Book Impressions and Observations) Justice A.M. Ahmadi Saheb
The Former Chief Justice Supreme Court Of India
The Seed which had been sown 86 years ago by Enayeth Khan Saheb, has become The Orphanage today having blossomed completely the managing committee of this institution give extra care to impart good fortune . I was very Impressed to see the educational Services imparted to the orphan and other Students.
(Extract : Visitors Book Impressions and Observations)

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