The Founder of Orphanage :  Dreams and Plans

The founder of the Gaya Muslim Orphanage had seen the dreams and had a thought before 100 years about the following ambition. For which he used to live anxious and restless.

  1. To establish a boys’ orphanage.
  2. To establish a girls’ orphanage.
  3. To impart industrial education alongwith education to make the students skillful e. g. to impart the training of carpenter and blacksmith.
  4. It was an intention to construct a glorious building on the land of 5 Bigha in 1937, in which two hundred orphan students could live and the external students also could live paying their expenditure to change the middle school of the orphanage into A High School As soon as possible then the school should change into the college and after that the college should be changed into a university.

The Answer Which dreams and intentions came into the reality and which dreams and intentions did not come into the reality? Read in the Following .

  1. Boys' Orphanage- He established it in October 1917.
  2. He wanted to fulfill the dream to establish a girls' Orphanage in 1938 and before some years of 1970. But it was not fulfilled. He had donated about one acre (74.5 decimal) land but no one became ready for this work. His dream was fulfilled after his death. His grandson, Iqbal Ahmed Khan had laid the foundation stone of the Gaya Muslim Girls’ Orphanage at Kolowna on 21st December 1986.
  3. The founder of the Gaya Muslim Orphanage had tried to establish industrial education before 1941. But he could not be successful in this programme. But it had been started in his life. But now the education of two (2) trades have been Started Systematically in the double-Building of Enayeth (I.T.I) industrial training Institute since 2018. This dream was also fulfilled after his death.
  4. (a) The Splendid building with glorious Mosque is present. But the number of two hundred (200) orphan students has not been fulfilled till now.
    (b)The founder of the Gaya Muslim Orphanage had started to establish the hostel for the external non-orphan students since 1939. Its commence had been performed. External students had started to get education bearing their expenditure. But finally the construction of the double storeyed building of Allama Iqbal Hostel had been started after 1985 and after a long period of the death of the founder of the orphanage.
    (c)The Middle school was changed into High School after his death. The process for changing the High School in 10+2 is going on. After being the college, the process will be started to change it into the G.M.O. Orphan University Insha’ Allah. All the left dreams and intentions of the founder of the Gaya Muslim Orphanage will be fulfilled Insha’ Allah, which had not been completed in his life. Allah is supporter and helper.

Remember This institution has surrounded all the departments of life and running towards the progress, which is being seen to fulfil all the dreams of the founder of the orphanage. One hundred (100) years ago, the founder of the orphanage had sown the seed, today the very seed has blossomed in the shape of a big tree. May Allah co-operate to complete the dream of the founder.Aameen !

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