Enayeth Khan

Founder Of The Gaya Muslim Orphanage

The founder of the Gaya Muslim Orphanage, Enayeth Khan was the son of head labourer of a ship and gatekeeper of the Calcutta Grand Hotel, and has been working himself to clean the table (waiter) of Grand Hotel of Calcutta where in the age of the Englishmen, the entrance of the Indians was prohibited upto several years. If a lower person is firm on his ambition and will power then he becomes a historical person with the help of Allah by performing a historical work.
He was born in October 1885 but this date is not authentic. Asking from the people and according to his service this date has been fixed. His father's name was Yasin Khan . He was a native of Kolowna  which is near Cherki in the district of Gaya. In spite of surrounding with economical problems his father was fond of good clothes and tasty foods But in those days educational eagerness was nominal. So even his father, leaving the educational route used to think the agriculture as the main occupation.
            The birth of the founder of the Gaya Muslim Orphanage is a wonder of Allah. He was born at kolkata in such situation that people understood him dead and kept him in a soil made pot with this ambition that it will be thrown in the morning after the sunrise. Even his father got this news and become very sad and nervous . He went to take the leave from that English owner of the ship where he used to work. He was the head labourer in the sea port of the ship. He asked him about his sadness and sorrow. Then he advised him to pour hot water on the tummy of the infant, if he will cry. otherwise understand him dead. His father did this experiment and found the infant alive . All the people became very happy. His head had been spotted because of ants in the soil pot upto the morning. These spots of ant biting remained upto the last age. In this manner he got a new life.
            He was a great fond of reading since his childhood and his father was against the education. You had a great interest in English. He used to write the English words from hither and thither. Whenever any Englishman come to the Grand Hotel Calcutta for Dinner, he used to stand in front of his bench and show his writing. But because of dull writing, the Englishman used to say that it became nothing. Fortunately, near the Grand Hotel, a teacher of Nawada (Distt. Gaya) used to live. The founder of the Orphanage met with him hiding from his father and said “Please teach me. I shall give you the fees of teaching whatever you demand.” The teacher replied, “I shall give you writing, I shall make you write, I shall teach you and I shall listen to you orally. You will have to declaim (narrate) the next day whatever I would teach. I shall take Rs. 10/- for teaching. If you did not come remembering your lesson, then I shall kick you out. He agreed to pay the fees and to follow their orders without the permission of his father.
            Therefore, after the hotel duty, in the leisure time, hiding himself from his father’s eyesight, he used to go for reading. In the age of poverty, the fees of the teacher were more higher than his income. This was also a problem. But in the zeal of reading, he had promised with his teacher. He used to remember all the lessons whatever his teacher gave to him. He convinced his teachers by his services since his childhood so much that his teacher denied to take the fees of teaching. He used to do his all works such as cleaning the pots, washing the clothes, burning the oven, grinding the spices on the grinding stone (Sil) without the saying of his teacher. So the teacher became his supporter himself. He often used to say that whatever he learnt in the beginning e.g. Urdu and English, it was his affection. He used to narrate his affection to the people with great love and respect.
            Even his motive of education is interestworthy. Approximately in the age of sixteen or Seventeen being angry  on any scold of his father, he departed for Calcutta. In Calcutta, He stayed in the house of a relative. Having reached here, his heart started to want to get the education. He  became ready to face all kind of problem for getting the Education and forgave all the hesitation. He made the routine to read under the street Light of the mohallas and square. He did not hesitate to ask any question and Educational complications. He stayed firmly on this routine upto a long period and got  Such ability that he could understand the books of Urdu, Persian and  English easily. In These languages he could write his feelings and opinions on the paper, and could speak Fluently. That is why he remembered many parts (Paare) of the holy Qur'an. He used to Study the holy Qur'an with its translation and explanation.
            The founder of the orphanage used to say that in the childhood I often listened by the elders that anyone who will read English, he will vomit the blood from his mouth i.e. he will suffer from T.B. In that age many persons understood English reading a sin. But he used to say that he had thought since his childhood that he would learn English though he had to Vomit the blood he took the services of an Englishman to  get the education of English. And he used to teach him Urdu in the Exchange of English. He used to note the difficult words from the shine boards of both sides of the market of the town in time of walking. Having come to the house he used to search the meaning of those words in the dictionary. This was also a method to increase the ability which he had adopted. He used to say that if any person will labour continuously in any-thing then he will learn it sharply. He did not see the face of any madarsa. He had not got the blessings of any Madarsa. He had increased his ability through his natural intelligence and study. He often told other the experiences of his life and the story of his progress, Listening my story, get the lesson from it.
            He started his life with a very ordinary job. But he kept a high eyesight. He continued for the progress. Wherever he went he would press his impression on the thinking and brain of the people. 1943 was the year of his retirement.
            But he took the voluntarily retirement before one (1) year for the ambition of service to the orphanage. In his office, no one wanted him to go from the office before the retirement. But due to the illness and taking the medical certificate, he took the voluntarily retirement. He said that his health is not good internally. Coming home from Kolkata (Calcutta) he joined in the service of the orphanage and again in 1943, he participated in his farewell ceremony.
            But the endeavours of the founder of the orphanage, this barren land has become forest into the greenery, where the people used to come from Gaya town for hunting the deers in the past.
           After being employed It seems that he had joined in any month of 1916 according to the letter written in 16 June 1916, he started to change his dreams into the reality Establishing an institution which is unique of its education and training and could Impart modern and religious education. To fulfill the imagination of his mind, he laid the Foundation of this institution in October 1917 at Cherki. The present Gaya Muslim Orphanage is the beautiful reflection of his intentions.
            Death The restlessness of the whole life came to an end. The founder of the orphanage died at age 85 years at quarter past three O’ clock on 30, September 1970. Having taken this ambition in his heart he left for the heavenly abode. The founder of the orphanage is buried in the shade of the mosque, in the right side of the mosque’s main gate and in the left side of the stairs of the mosque.

Phala phoola rahe ya Rub chaman meri   umidon ka
Jigar ka khoon dede kar ye boote hum ne paale hain.

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