How the Vocational Education and Professional Education started and when and how Enayeth I.T.I. Started? Its Story.
Enayeth Khan, The founder of the Gaya Muslim Orphanage was modern education A Century i.e. 100 Years ago He had thought that he would Establish a Girls' Orphanage After the Establishment of Boys' Orphanage . He used to live restless to spread the Education among the Hindus and the Muslims without any difference After establishing The boys’ Orphanage, he made an Announcement in the locality that the education is For all. It was His Slogon after the establishing of the boys orphanage it was always with His Aims and object that the vocational and Professional education also will be made Skillful the training of arts and handicrafts was always with the aims and object with Education it was also a dream of the founder of the Gaya Muslim Orphanage for Which he had been Trying Since 1944. Its Mention will be found in the different annual Report and besides it in the annual report of 1945 to 1949 A.D. It has been mentioned that vocational education is compulsory along with education but the financial Crisis and protests always become the black age in its path. The Founder of the orphanage in a Time to impart the Vocational Education had written a Letter to look for a carpenter to start the Work to impart vocational and technical
Education. But he could not be successful even in this Programme due to financial crisis In the life. the founder of the Gaya Muslim Orphanage had four dreams (Intentions). .. (1) To establish a boys' orphanage . (2) To Impart The education of Industrial Training. (3) To establish a girls’ Orphanage. (4) The Construction of a Residential Hall for three Hundred Orphan students and three hundred external students, and after the Establishment of middle school and high school to change it into a college and after that To change it into a university gradually were his dreams second and the third dream was Fulfilled after his death. Even before his death and even after his death the work of Industrial Training was started. It remained continuously and sometime its process was Broken whenever due to drought and financial crisis and whenever due to scarcity of Electricity, it had to be closed. At last in 2018 the establishment of Enayeth (I.T.I) Industrial Training Institute came into existence on the land which is more than 14 Acre. In the form of double storeyed glorious building for its establishment approximately 28 Years were spent in its establishing process.
Many dignitaries, workers and secretaries and presidents passed away having the ambition to see the I.T.I. in their hearts.
From whose sacrifices, Enayeth I.T.I reached to its completion let us read and see the Names of those persons. The President: Late Dr. Md. Matiullah Saheb, Secretary: Late Syed Khurshid Alam saheb Advocate, Secretary: Late Dr. Quamrul Hasan Sb., Joint Secretary: Late Dr. Md Aaley Rasool Saheb, Secretary: Late Dr. Md. Ihtesham Rasool Sb. and late Dr.Abdul Majeed Sb. The member of G.M.O were among those persons who Saw the Enayeth I.T.I in its running position.
Those persons who participated with great enthusiasm in the construction of Enayeth I.T.I, whose names are as such Md. Khaliqe Akhtar Saheb Engineer, the Member Of G.M.O. who made the construction works to its Finishing position. Shamsul Khabeer Sb. Engineer’ the vice president of the Gaya Muslim Orphanage Co- Operated him And Engineer Zafrul Hasan khan Sb . Sahdeokhap is also able for much thanks who co-Operated with every angles in the construction of this building Dr. Abdul Majeed khan Sb. The Member of G.M.O has Given Many sacrifices in each and every small and big works of the Orphanage where it is any matter of I.T.I or any other matter of the Department of the Orphanage his service is shining everywhere. No One can be similar to him. The details are in the following-
Vocational Education has reached upto here passing through how many difficulties and difficult stages you have read these descriptions in the above pages. Now read in the Following and observe that Enayeth (I.T.I) Industrial Training Institute How did come into existence and came to its destination passing through different Hard And tough Paths.

In 1966 By the endeavour and convince of Dr. Abdul Majeed Khan Sb. Present resident Gaya Syed, Ameer Haider Sb. Tymo Watch Gaya had made an industrial Hall constructed for industry and technology as the name of Syed. Safeer Haider Hall . First of All it had been started By the industrial education of carpenter in the age of Syed Khurshid Alam Sb. Advocate the honorary general Secretary of the Gaya Muslim Orphanage .In this to train the carpentry a local Carpenter of Baidpura whose name Was Chander mistry had been oppointed. He was the sepecialist in his work. This Department of industrial education had been started to run with well Manner properly. It Was run properly for many years on the path of progress. Four orphan students of the Orphanage used to get the education in the school and learned the work of carpenter in the leisure time All of them became Successful But in 1967, The Orphanage fell into The Financial crisis due to the drought of Bihar. So this department had to be closed. All those Students opened their shops in the different places of Kolkata and Bihar and became Successful In this Trade.

After a few years of closing of carpenter training work in the industrial Training hall , it was announced to establish G.M.O (T.T.I) Technical training Institute In That very hall it was the plan to transfer it on the 14 acre land of the orphanage in the North side it had been established on 23rd September 1990. Its prospectus had been Published as the name of G.M.O T.T.I. This was a certificate course whose price was Rs. 25/- in which it had been announced to start three trades (1) Welder-2year , (2) Wire Man-1Year and (3) Civil Draftsman-1year . It had been announced to start temporarily in The industrial hall. In this Late Manzoor Alam Saheb, Azad Soap Factory, the member of The G.M.O had donated Rs. twenty thousand (Rs.20,000/- ) in September 1990 for the Purchasing of a welding machine whose mention is present in the resolution book of The Orphanage. A welding machine was purchased from his amount and the work was Started under the Supervision of a welder, Sa'adat Karim Khan, Dhanawan.
Due to the scarcity of Electric Supply and after a long waiting for the Electricity which was not provided this work of welding had to be closed the Expenditure of the trainer was paid personally by Dr. Q.H. Khan Sb. For Several months On this hope that the electricity will be available and the work will be re- Started.
There are the matters of the age of Syed khurshid alam saheb Advocate the Former secretary and member of G.M.O and Dr. Q. H Khan saheb the Secretary of G.M.O.

Syed Safeer Haider hall (Industrial Hall) is present today also where the Education of Computer is imparted on the land more than 14 acre on which the double Storeyed building of Enayeth (I.T.I) Industrial Training Institute is Standing. The Former Governor of Bihar Late Honorable Dr. Akhlaqur Rahman Qidwai had Laid the foundation Stone of G.M.O.T.T.I. (Gaya Muslim Orphanage Technical Training Institute) On That Occasion in the Foundation Day celebration Mr. Gholam Haider Khan Sb. Hyderabad , Convenor , All India I.D.B. Mecca (Saudi Arabia) was Present. He had said on the occasion of Foundation Day celebration. This time two things are running one is the wealth of religion and another is the religion of wealth. Whoever wants may select for him.

The Fourth age is the age of Enayeth (I.T.I) Industrial Training Institute. This time in the age of science and Economics, the vocational and professional Education are compulsory so that the students could solve the problem of their food. According to the Modern age, it was compulsory to establish a technical Institute to Fulfill the requirement of modern education along with the religious education. Its first blue Print Project had been sent to Islamic Development Bank, Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) in January 1985, in the age of Syed Khurshid Alam Saheb ‘Advocate’ the first secretary of the Gaya Muslim Orphanage, Late Dr. Abdul Majeed Khan Sb. and Er. Md. Aaley Rasool Sb. were ahead to get make the blue print of the first project of Enayeth (I.T.I.) They were preparing to get make the master plan since many years ago. They had laboured hard to get make it late Engineer Md. Aaley Rasool Sb. who later had become the Joint Secretary, used to come by bus from Gaya with late Dr. Abdul Majeed Khan Sb , The Member of G.M.O and the younger son of the founder Of G.M.O the Second blue print Of the Project was sent on the direction of I.D.B Officials in the age of late Dr. Quamrul Hasan khan Sb. The secretary of the Gaya Muslim Orphanage . The Third Blue Prints Of The Project Getting Made in Small size was sent on the direction of the officials of The I.D.B who had come to the Orphanage for enquiry in the age of Late Dr. Ihtesham Rasool Sb. The honorary general secretary of the Gaya Muslim Orphanage. This Project passed Easily The Service and effort of Dr. Abdul Majeed Khan Sb. For the Preparation of all the Blue Prints of the Project were Shining.
Today with the Financial Co-Operation Of I.D.B (Islamic Development Bank) and With their help the double storeyed building of Enayeth (I.T.I) has been erected. In its Construction, Dr. Abdul Majeed khan Sb. the member of G.M.O, Md. Aaley resool Sb. the Joint Secretary, Dr. Matiullah Sb. The President Of G.M.O and Er. Zafarul Hasan Khan Sb. (Under whose Supervision and Signature , The Building was constructed) Participated With great enthusiasm . Er. Zafarul Hasan Khan sb. did not take the amount of the super Vision Charge which had been provided to him by I.D.B. He donated that amount to I.T.I Fund. Er. Md. Khalique Akhtar Sb. Participated with great Enthusiasm in the construction Of the building shamsul Khabeer Sb. Also Co-Operated him. Now you are seeing the Enayeth (I.T.I) in its running position, where the education has also been started since 2018.
REMEMBER It was a great fore-Seeing capability and wisdom of the founder of the Gaya Muslim Orphanage that the dream which he had seen to spread education and Technical education among the boys and girls before 100 Years. He had made a plan. Today the three dreams and plans have been fulfilled. In short this orphanage has become the beautiful confluence of religious and Modern Education where the education Of five languages Arabic, Urdu, Persian, English and Hindi is imparted along with Modern Education. Here the Qur'an Memorization is also performed along with modern Education .Now the system of imparting the education of science whose study Centre is The Gaya Muslim Orphanage. It is affiliated by Aligarh Muslim University. Here many Courses like I.A., B.A, M.A, and BLIS are being run. In short this institution is spread on all faculties of life and going ahead in its path of progress. It is Being seen to fulfill all the dreams of the founder of the G.M.O. A small seed has taken the form of a Huge Tree. May Allah provide it further Progress. Aameen!

Admission Forms And Prospectus

The Education of Electrician trade has been started since 2018 And in 2020, Another trade of fitter has been started also. Each course Is of 2years, which is affiliated By N.C.V.T.(The Government of India) the price of the Admission form and prospectus is Rs.100/- It can be obtained by sending the amount.


1. The orphan students who want to take Admission in I.T.I Can apply After Passing the Matriculation Examination from G.M.O Urdu High School Cherki.
2. The Admission with food and lodging is free for the Orphan students. The Education Is also imported free of cost. The orphanage bears their expenditure.

Cherki-824237,Distt. Gaya (Bihar) India

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