Late Enayeth Khan:-The founder and a unique servant of community, a long time secretary, who faced the every challenge of the jealous and opponents of the Orphanage with great patience, perseverance and bravery and put his life, Property, Intelligence, mind, and capabilities at stake.

Late Hakim Maulvi Md. Ibrahim Sb.S/o LATE HAKEEM MAULVI MD. ISMAIL Sb. Banarsi Resident of Kolkata: He was the first benefactor of the orphanage who donated himself  and used to make other donate to the orphanage in his whole life till the death.

Late Syed Md. Nazir Hussain Sb. :- He was the first teacher of all who served the Orphanage very much with sincerity. He Served without any compensation for two months and then he went to training .He came again after completing his Training and served for a long time. Upto 1948  with Love and sincerity besides teaching he used to do other works with good manners. He was an ideal teacher of the orphanage.

Late Maulvi Md. Yaqoob Khan Sb. :- Village Salimpur Po.Hardaun Distt.  Gaya Resident  Nima, Cherki , Gaya was appointed the second Teacher after Syed Md.Nazir Hussain Sb. went to Training. He used to perform other works besides education e.g. Collection Of money, Supervision Of the Construction works of the building Etc. He Also went to the Training in 1922.

Late Syed Omar Daraz Saheb.:- Village Dharahra, Bihar Sharif. Resident of Kolowna, Old matriculate who having eaten dry bread, rice with salt and red chilly nourished the institution  since 1935 to his last day, till the death. He was an ideal teacher of the orphanage. He used to send the daily report of the orphanage to the founder of the Orphanage in Kolkata.

Late Dr.Abul Khair Sb. Dhorha, Gaya.:-Resident of Gaya, he was made joint Secretary and president also. An example of public service, who had adopted the principle to treat the orphans free of cost. He used  to come himself from Gaya 18K.M away from Cherki, to treat the seriously sick orphan boy and if felt necessary he would take the sick boy with him to Gaya for further DlAGNOSIS and treatment.

Late khwaja Gheyasuddin Sb. :-Punjab Motor Service Gaya town whose co-operation remained ever with the orphanage in every situation and got a magnificent mosque constructed  in 1948 in the institution costing fifteen thousand Rupees. Having departed from India he lost all his property at that time. The mosque is the only sign that has remained which is an admonition for philanthropists.

Late Abdullah Mian Saheb.:- Cherki, Gaya was the old benefactor. Despite doing a job in the house of orphanage's enemy , He was available to serve any time for the work of the orphanage. In the early age, the founder of the orphanage had appointed him the Assistant secretary and Treasurer of the Orphanage.

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